sportcoach UK have recently published a set of recommended core standards, which they believe every practicing sports coach should endeavour to achieve. These standards apply to all sports coaches, across all sports, and encompass the employed-to-voluntary workforce spectrum. They are as follows:


Minimum Age

Lead coach or independent deliverer: 18+ years

Assistant coach: 16+ years

The reason for the age split is to ensure that a lead coach or independent deliverer is also an adult.


Appropriate Qualification

Lead coach or independent deliverer: UKCC Level 2 or above

Assistant coach: UKCC Level 1

For any non-UKCC qualification, the specific governing body of sport would need to confirm which specific qualification/award enables/allows the coach to lead/independently deliver coaching sessions.


Appropriate Insurance

An insurance policy that covers the coach for the duties to be undertaken

Ensures both the coach and the participants are covered.


Welfare Safety Checks

Enhanced CRB check



Policies that impact coaching practice

A provider would need to have the following policies in place, which a coach would be required to sign up to:

• Code of conduct

• Equality

• Participant welfare

• Health and safety.

Such policies identify areas of best practice and it is important they are implemented by both the provider and the coach.


A full version of the recommendations is now available, providing greater details on the standards and explanations of the rationale behind each standard.This is suggested reading for all coaches and clubs. To download this document - CLICK HERE

In addition to the core standards, sportcoach UK recommends that coaches continue to undertake the following current courses (or their NGB equivalents):

  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children
  • Equity in Your Coaching
  • How to Coach Disabled People

First Aid: The requirement for an up to date First Aid certificate is not currently included in the recommended Minimum Standards. However, First Aid is a requirement for many National Governing Body coaching awards and coaches should check with the relevant National Governing Body to confirm the requirements for their sport(s). Organisations employing and deploying coaches may also deem First Aid as a Minimum Standard. All coaches employed through team BEDS&LUTON casual coach agency will be required to hold a valid and up to date First Aid Certificate. And of course attending a First Aid course is something that will be of benefit to all sports coaches regardless of whether they are required to hold a certificate.

For more information on these and other courses see our Training & Courses pages.

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