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Siliconcoach are leaders in video analysis software for sports coaching. Their products are designed to improve the accuracy of feedback to your athletes/players to optimize their technique and improve their performance. The software allows your athletes to see their own technique; and see what you are seeing. This eliminates verbal misunderstanding and accelerates their learning from basic movements through to more complex skills.

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Taktifol is an incredibly portable whiteboard sheet, printed with the relevant sports pitch/court, that has a strong electrostatic charge. This static charge allows the coach to instantly hang the sheet - without pins, tape or anything else - on (almost) any handy surface, be that a dressing-room door, dugout, or even the team bus. They can then demonstrate tactics to their team without any fuss (or risk of back injury!). Each sheet can be dry-wiped and reused several times. After use, it can be folded, put in a pocket or bag, and therefore easily transported to another location if necessary.

** DISCOUNT available on this product for coaches registered on Coaching Beds and Luton

Coaching Edge

The UK's leading coaching magazine dedicated to sports coaching. Every quarter, Coaching Edge gives you the latest news on everything from coaching methods and development to leading practice and technical advice. Insightful, practical, informative and highly readable, Coaching Edge is a must-have for any coach.

Coachwise 1st4Sport

Coachwise 1st4sport is your one-stop shop for sports coaching, training and physical education books and resources. Whether you are a beginner coach, hoping to improve your coaching or at the level of performance coaching, you’ll find books, CD's, DVDs and visual aids written specifically for your level of experience and with the aim of helping you reach your coaching goals.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance Online aims to be the world's most useful and vibrant community and source of information for athletes and coaches. Through registering on the site, you can access: a weekly coaching insigths from Sports Performance Bulletin, members blogs, video footage on coaching techniques and cutting edge coaching research.

Sports coach UK

Sports coach UK have developed a variety of resources specifically for coaches. These include sample documents that you can use/amend, top tips and factsheets. All the resources have been written by coaching experts, they are quick and easy to read, and can be downloaded free of charge.   

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