We are working hard to expand the portfolio of offers and discounts that we can bring to you. These are additional benefits to reward you for registering as a coach with us, but also to say a little thank you for the hard work that you do to deliver sport in Bedfordshire and Luton.

Click on the title of each offer for more detailed information.   


Leaders in video analysis software for sports coaching. A 15% discount has been arranged on The Zone product for coaches registered on Coaching Beds and Luton.


Taktifol is an incredibly portable whiteboard sheet, printed with the relevant sports pitch/court, that has a strong electrostatic charge, allowing the coach to instantly hang the sheet - without pins, tape or anything else - on (almost) any handy surface. A truly simple yet indispensable coaching product. A 15% discount had been arranged on all Taktifol products.

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